One Agency, Person Centered Transformation

In preparation for the workshop transformation project, Heritage Centers’ senior management made a decision to examine all agency processes to ensure that we provided a holistic, One Agency solution providing an integrated delivery system of wrap around supports to create improved and expanded opportunities for people to achieve their goals. In conjunction with our organizational re-alignment, we determined that person centered supports were critical to our holistic approach. Person centered thinking is at the core of our transformation.


We determined that accreditation through CQL (Council on Quality and Leadership) was the mechanism to ensure success. CQL promotes excellence in person-centered services and supports that lead to increased quality of life. CQL Accreditation facilitates organizational improvement in person-centered services and supports and personal quality of life outcomes.


With One Agency/Person Centered transformation as our goal and with the framework provided by CQL, we aligned our mission and values to our practices, ensuring that our organizational supports align with our mission and values. We also identified key organizational systems that were integral and necessary to support a culture where all employees work together toward a common purpose.


Our organizational transformation is grounded by three main strategies: Stakeholder Collaboration, Strategic Planning and Feasibility and Sustainability.

  • Stakeholder Collaboration calls for evaluation of internal teamwork to enhance our involvement with the people we support and their families through improved communication, transparency in organizational decisions and leveraging internal and external resources to promote our transformation. The Heritage Centers team has proactively engaged our individuals and families through ongoing parent roundtables and individual self-advocacy meetings to support our commitment to transparency and to reinforce our trust relationship. Our engagement will be discussed in more detail in our proposal.
  • Strategic Planning outlines our approach to integrate a new array of supports and options in response to person centered thinking. Heritage Centers recognizes that we need to have opportunities (employment and community support) for the people we support. As the person is making their decisions, Heritage Centers must ensure seamless transitions.
  • Feasibility and Sustainability describes our commitment to implement new business solutions and technology (hardware and software) to facilitate our community integration model.  Heritage Centers has identified and initiated numerous additional business employment solutions to support the migration of the workforce. We will discuss these exciting programs and supports in our proposal.


Using our Hamburg workshop as a pilot, we conducted 20 Personal Outcome Measure (POMs) interviews within a 3 month timeframe. Because POMs does not include a comprehensive exploration of employment, we supplemented the POMs interviews with an Interest Survey. In evaluating the process that was used, the team determined that a transition plan template was needed to gain greater insight into the person’s needs and desires. Going forward this new template will be used to guide the Heritage Centers team to identify a collaborative person centered plan to meet their needs and desires.