Basic Assurances

CQL’s Basic Assurances® contain 10 factors and 46 indicators. These Basic Assurances® are a balance between concerns for individual health, safety and security and the necessity of social constructs such as respect, natural supports and social networks to ensure sustainable outcomes for people. Each indicator is evaluated on two dimensions; system and practice.


System typically refers to the policies and procedures an organization has in place.  These are supported through staff training and other approaches. The systems must demonstrate sustainability over time, yet be flexible enough to be individually applied.


Practice refers to what is happening in people’s lives as a result of these systems. Organizational practice demonstrates how an organization’s supports are put into action for each person.


10 Basic Assurances® Factors

  1. Rights Protection and Promotion
  2. Dignity and Respect
  3. Natural Support Networks
  4. Protection from Abuse, Neglect, Mistreatment and Exploitation
  5. Best Possible Health
  6. Safe Environments
  7. Staff Resources and Supports
  8. Positive Services and Supports
  9. Continuity and Personal Security
  10. Basic Assurances® System